Character Themed Parties

Character themed Pirate parties

Does your little one dream of becoming a Swashbuckling Pirate or Fantastic Superhero?

Would they love to have a crazy Superhero, Manic Pirate or Spooky Monster entertain them at their special party?

Choose from:


Superheroes including Batman and more!

Spooky Monsters, Cowboys, Wizards, Circus and Various Sports themes to entertain the girls and boys at your Hero themed parties

Example of Pirate Party for up to x35 guests:

The perfect party for any Swashbuckling Pirate!

  • The two Blue Pirate entertainers greet the children to the Pirate Party dressed in our specifically hand made costumes.
  • Nail art, craft colouring section and pirate temporary tattoos can be added at this stage for no extra cost.
  • Pirate games ranging from Pass the Pirate Parcel, Musical Pirate Islands to Pin the X on the Spot are then played with lots of special prizes and sweeties for all the guests.
  • More games are then played which can include the interactive parachute games Eg Pirates Vs Fairies etc.
  • Half way through the party is a break for party food and cake (provided by you).
  • More games are played with additional Pirate themed dancing and a special rendition of Find the Pirate Treasure and captains coming!!
  • We then gather the children together in a magic circle to sing Happy Birthday and have some group photos.
  • Then it’s time for the Pirate and Princess dance games including musical Pirates and disco (including party lights and sound system). This is where there can be one-to-one photos with the Pirates with the rest of guests.




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Example of a Superhero party

The perfect party for any Budding Superhero!

  • The two entertainers will introduce themselves to the guests in their high quality handmade costumes.
  • There will be an area set up for nail painting, crafts including colouring and temp tattoos for the boys.
  • Once the guests arrive it’s time to start the craft section. A member of staff will be at this activity to help the children but we always encourage parents and adults to join in too.
  • After approximately 20 minutes, we start the first part of our entertainment for those wishing to join in.
  • Entertainment is packed with themed party games to include obstacle courses and more traditional games.
  • We then play games with the parachute to include team games
  • After approximately 1 hour, we would suggest stopping for a food break. Our staff will help assist the children to the party table and help give out the party food and drinks and assist where needed as well as clear away and tidy up the arts and crafts areas.
  • After all the guests are finished eating, we will sing our ‘Happy Birthday’ song either while they are still at the party table or once back to the dancing/party area.
  • More games are played with additional themed dancing.
  • An action packed show with both our hero characters is performed to include tricks and flips dependent on the superhero
  • Then it’s time for more team games including our mini disco (including party lights and sound system). This is where there can be one-to-one photos with the entertainers with the rest of guests.

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