Harry Potter Parties

Want to find out if you have what it takes to become a real life wizard?

We welcome you onto the Hogwarts Express flying straight into the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, where you will finally get to find out which Hogwarts house you will be a member of!

At the start of any party these activities can be added onto the package for no extra cost:

  • stick-on waterΒ tattoosΒ for boys and girls
  • colouring for everyone as a lovely ice breaker for all the guests (waterproof matting provided)

Please note if you are hosting a x2 entertainer package there are Bespoke wand crafts added for no extra cost at the very start of the party- where you get to create your own unique wands using Yarns, pipcleaners and lots more!

Pink Pixie Parties provide all the games, sweeties and prizes for all the guests.

Disco/party Kit to include:

  • x2 sets of disco lights
  • Stereo system with latest chart and themed music on
  • PA with microphone
  • Bubble machine

Example of a x2 entertainer themed Wizarding Party for up to 35 guests:

  • Sorting Hat Ceremony with magic balloons so we can put the children into their favourite “Hogwarts House”.
  • Pass the Sorting Hat with lots of sweeties for everyone.
  • Musical Wizard Statues with props.
  • Spell practise including using the patronus charm to find out your amazing own Unique patronus animal.
  • Find the Golden Snitch for lots of yummy treats and 5 extra points for your team!
  • Interactive parachute games including the amazing Potter Vs Voldemort and our own Quidditch final with the 4 house coloured balls.
  • Mini disco with lights and bubble machine (if area allows bubbles due to health and safety).
  • One to one photoshoot with all the guests.
  • Happy birthday song / grand cake entrance by the themed entertainers.
  • Dancing games with our disco system!!
  • Wizard limbo game! and if there is time the wrap Moaning Murtle toilet roll game.
  • Bubbles for the disco at the end!!!

If the children are age 7 and over we can include some really fun relay games including: Keeper of the Wands and Port Key Relay.

(Please note we can also host smaller house parties for x10-25 guests)

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