Shimmer & Shine Parties

“Two genies in a bottle, Up in the starry sky”

Our Shimmer and Shine parties will have all of the Genies in training Boom Zara May-ing from start to finish!

At the start of any party these activities can be added onto the package for no extra cost:

  • stick-on waterΒ tattoosΒ for boys and girls
  • and colouring for everyone as a lovely ice breaker for all the guests (waterproof matting provided)

Pink Pixie Parties provide all the games, sweeties and prizes for all the guests.

Disco/party Kit to include:

  • x2 sets of disco lights
  • stereo system with latest chart and themed music on
  • PA with microphone
  • bubble machine

Example of a Shimmer and Shine Party for x35 guests:

  • The chosen Genies, greet the children to the Shimmer and Shine party dressed in our specifically hand made costumes.
  • Nail art, craft colouring section and temporary tattoos can be added at this stage for no extra cost.
  • Genie games ranging from Pass the Tala Monkey, Musical Arabian Islands to Wrap the genie’s are then played with lots of special prizes and sweeties for all the guests.
  • More games are then played which can include the interactive parachute games.
  • Half way through the party is a break for party food and cake (provided by you).
  • More games are played with additional Shimmer and Shine themed dancing and a Magic Carpet Flying Lesson.
  • We then gather the children together in a magic circle to sing happy birthday and have some group photos.
  • This is where there can be a very special live singing performance from Shimmer and Shine (All of Pink Pixie Parties Princesses are professional singers and so there will be some beautiful video opportunities at this stage).
  • If there is time more songs can be sung by both Shimmer and Shine and the birthday girl/boy together. This is a great opportunity for more videos and a lasting memory for every little girl and boy!
  • Then it’s time for the Genie dance games including musical Pirates and disco (including party lights, bubble machine and sound system) This is where there can be one to one photos with the Princess and Pirate with the rest of guests.

“If you wish it, we will grant it”

(Please note we do host smaller Character themed parties also for 10-25 guests)

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