Fairy Glen

The fairy glen includes the tree stump tables (for food time) in that price.

If you, the customer wants the paper plates, cups, napkins and spoons it is Β£1 per place setting.

The 3 tree stump tables seat up to a maximum 27 children.

The cushions in the fairy glen are used for the children to sit on at the tables. Each table has an organza runner and centre decoration included.

The fairy glen has 6 trees, each tree decorated to show a season of the year, 1 summer, 1 spring, 1 autumn, 2 winter and 1 night time.

They are joined together in a circle with organza ribbon and bunting with fairy lights in each tree.

There is a little furry animal at the base of each tree.

There are a maximum of 32 cushions placed inside the circle, together with 3 tree stumps and a grass carpet and 50 air filled balloons.

We are pleased to say that we have the set up time down to1 hour and pack away 30 minutes which is great!